Thank you—

To my parents, Thomas Boswell and Margaret May Fung Van. To my brother Marco Zhen-Ji Van-Boswell. 飲水思源.

To my mentors: Ali Van, Pippi Zornosa, Xander Marro, and Diana Khoi Nguyen.

For their conversation, support and friendship: Nico Vela Page, Lina Berón Echavarria, Galadriel Brady, Keri Brooks, Noa Mori Machover, Paula Pacheco Soto, Julia Liu, Camila Arbalaez Sola, Josephine Devanbu and Hera Ford. 

In recognition of writers and artists that have influenced me and what has been borrowed:

Tiffany Sia’s Too Salty Too Wet and in particular her line “Hong Kong will be the first postmodern city to die.”

“All Land Has a Perfect Memory” borrows its title from Toni Morisson’s line “all water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was” in her essay The Site of Memory.

Diana Khoi Nguyen and her poetry collection Ghost Of. This acknowledgment is indebted to the template she provided in her own.

On Kawara, Anna Atkins, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Patty Chang and Tehching Hsieh.

To those whose work I’ve drawn on unconsciously and am thus unable to honor here, thank you.